Becoming a Client

A person may become a client one of two ways. You may pay for your meals at full cost or discounted rates (private pay), depending on income or you may be put on a waiting list for free meals. Private pay clients will begin getting their meals in two business days. A person needing free meals will go on a waiting list and will begin getting meals as soon as funding becomes available. If you would like to find out more about our funding, go here

Who is Eligible?

In general, people who are at high nutrition risk and significantly physically disabled are eligible for meals. We have several different funding sources with different criteria for service. Call the off ice for details.

What kind of meals can I receive?

We offer hot, frozen, or shelf stable meals. The meal depends on your preferences and how much preparation you are able to do.

When will I get my meals?

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 11:45, depending on what order you are on the route.

Holidays/ Non-Delivery Days

We provide meals 260 days out of the year. We do not deliver on the following days but will make sure you have a shelf stable or frozen meal available:

New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve

What if I’m not there to receive a meal?

We understand your independence is important to you. If you will not be home due to a doctor’s appointment, vacation, or other reason, please notify the office at (478) 328-6070 immediately. Private pay clients who let us know 24 hours in advance will not be charged for meals during the time you are not home. If you are admitted to the hospital, rehab, or a temporary living facility, please call or have a friend of family member call and let us know as soon as possible. For safety reasons, we cannot leave any type of meal at the door. You may designate a neighbor by calling the office before the meal is delivered.

Meal Donations

Some of our clients like to support our program by donating a little something each month. All contributions are confidential. Volunteer drivers should deliver monthly donation envelopes to all clients. When able, put your agreed upon monthly donation amount (for some clients this is zero and they can disregard) donation in the envelope. If you are able to contribute extra then your generosity is always welcome. Your donation can be returned to the volunteer driver or mailed to P.O. Box 118 Warner Robins, GA 31099. If you have questions about donations, please call our office.

Peace of Mind for Caregivers

It’s hard being the caregiver of senior or a disabled person. It’s a more difficult balancing act if you do not live with the senior or disabled person. We offer peace of mind in two ways:

  1. If a client does not answer the door, the volunteer driver immediately calls staff at the office. Staff begins notifying the emergency contacts to make sure the client isn’t at a doctor’s appointment or some other reason for not answering. If a reason isn’t found, a staff member goes out to the home for a safety check. The staff will call law enforcement for a health check if warranted.
  2. An assessment is conducted upon entry into the program, at 6 months and then yearly thereafter. Assessments are conducted by trained staff and are essentially a time an Assessor will go out to the home and visit with the client. They will be asked questions about mobility, ailments, and other concerns. With the client’s permission, the Assessor may refer the client for more services like house cleaning and respite care. Records are kept on each visit and are compared for improvements or decline in the client. As a caregiver, you know your loved one has an extra set of eyes on them and we will notify you if there are any concerns.

I’m Ready. How do I Sign Up?

Call the Meals on Wheels office at 478-328-6070 to get started on private pay or to be put on the waiting list.


Drivers & MOW Staff are not allowed to give medicine no matter how harmless it may seem. We can help you get in touch with someone if you need assistance. Call the Meals on Wheels office and the staff will then get in touch with your emergency contact person or a local medical assistance.

The Menu

Meals on Wheels is a provider of home delivered meals. Our meals are prepared by Flint Council on Aging in Americas, GA. We work with Flint’s professional dietician to set the menus. Each meal consists of a meat or other protein source, a starch, a vegetable, fruit or dessert, bread and a milk. On Fridays we serve a cold lunch. Quarterly menus are available upon request. Unfortunately, special order meals can not be made at this time. If you have an allergy to something being served you can opt for a frozen meal instead.

Food Safety

Between deliveries food is kept in insulated bags/coolers and lids on coolers stay closed until arriving at recipient’s home to prevent food spoilage. (Hot foods begins to spoil if temperature falls below 135 degrees F. Milk begins to spoil when temperature exceeds 41 degrees F.)

We will never leave a meal outside the home where it will soon cool or heat up to an unhealthy temperature. If you can not be home but still want your meal, please contact the office to make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to receive the meal for you.