The Houston County Council on Aging maintains a policy on non-discrimination on grounds of race, color, creed or religion, political affiliation, sex, national origin, age (except as otherwise required by law, regulation or grant condition), physical or mental handicap in regard to provision of services.

Pet Policy

All pets must be confined or restrained at the time of meal delivery. We in no way want to discourage pet ownership, but we must take safety into account.

Medication Policy

Driversivers & MOW Staff are not allowed to give medicine no matter how harmless it may seem. We can help you get in touch with someone if you need assistance. Call the Meals on Wheels office and the staff will then get in touch with your emergency contact person or a local medical assistance.

Inclement Weather Policy

Every attempt is made to deliver meals, the only exception would be heavy snow or hurricane conditions. We stock shelf staples and can use 4 wheel drive vehicles and experienced drivers to deliver in emergency situations.