We need volunteer drivers and donations - please help! To adopt a delivery route or make a donation, please contact us!

Welcome, Volunteers!

Our organization was founded in 1977 and has a proud tradition of volunteerism. It was founded by volunteers, is serviced by a volunteer Board of Directors, and is supported by volunteers like you who are committed to serving our community. We value the role volunteers continue to play in the growth of HCCOA Meals on Wheels, Inc.

Prior to going out on a route, prospective volunteers are provided with an orientation handbook. At a mutually agreeable time, you will be taken out on a route with a volunteer trainer. Following that, you will be assigned a route. Though we will address some questions here, the information in the handbook covers the major questions that many volunteers have.

As a volunteer, you may have questions concerning the people to whom you are taking meals or specific problems with route delivery. Meals on Wheels staff are always available to assist you with any concerns. We encourage all volunteers to report any unusual circumstances they observe while delivering meals. We believe volunteers are the eyes and ears of Meals on Wheels.

Your Volunteer Commitment

Generally, Meals on Wheels requests a commitment of two (2) times each month for approximately one & one-half (1 1/2) hours each time. We, in turn, will do everything possible to accommodate your schedule. If you know there are certain days which prohibit you from keeping this commitment, i.e. appointments, vacation, etc. please notify us as soon as possible so we have time to make other arrangements.

If you would like to switch days with another volunteer, you may do so, providing it is agreeable to everyone. However, please notify the office or volunteer coordinator of any changes. If you become ill or have an emergency, please notify our office as soon as possible so a substitute volunteer may be found. On occasion we may find it necessary to call you to fill in for someone else.

Volunteer miles are tax-deductible.


Remember, you have the recipient’s trust. Please respect the confidentiality of all the information communicated to you. Protect the dignity of the individual. Do not discuss their living situations, health conditions, financial status or anything you learn about them with anyone but a Meals on Wheels staff member.

Client Questions

If a recipient has questions about Meals on Wheels, wants to cancel meals, or wishes to relay an important message to us, PLEASE ask them to personally call the Meals on Wheels office.

Doing Extra

Many of our recipients are elderly and often ill, but most are eager for your visit. Occasionally you may encounter a situation that is uncomfortable. While we encourage you to be as helpful as you can with the meals, you are NOT obligated in any way to volunteer any services beyond the meal delivery.

Medical Requests

If a recipient asks you to give medication or help them out of a bed or chair, please decline. By trying to help, you may subject yourself to injury or liability. If you think the individual requires more assistance than he/she is receiving, please report it to the Meals on Wheels office.

Volunteer Responsibility

Possess a valid driver’s license and current vehicle registration and insurance.

Arrive at Meals on Wheels site in a timely fashion. Meals are generally ready for delivery beginning at 9:30 a.m. All routes should be out by approximately 11:45 a.m.

Pick up route sheet and hot and cold containers, checking to see if there are any changes, or anything else that needs to be delivered to recipient (memos, envelopes, birthday bags, commodities, etc.).

Deliver meals and socialize briefly with each recipient. Offer to assist recipient with cutting, pouring, etc.

Report any problems immediately to Meals on Wheels office.

Return all MOW equipment to site. If you would like to stop for lunch/errand, please notify us in advance so we do not worry about you unnecessarily.

Sign in and out of volunteer log book. Your hours are important to us for funding purposes.